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[From Google's English] "The Obama administration, during February, urged the United States Unisa federal agencies to embark on the path of Open Access, through its Office of Science and Technology Policy. Meanwhile a bill on free access to research funded by the Government made its way towards the approval of Congress.  At the beginning of April, it is the UK that the Research Councils, government body that transits the taxpayer's money to fund university researchers, has changed its rules on the publication of results of the fruits of research. Now they will be available and the year of publication.  The EU is also committed to the same idea: that pass to open access scientific journals, as well as all research institutions, publishers, magazines, and other subscribing libraries, gathered under the banner of the consortium SCOAP3 established in 2007 ...  For example, last year a company like Elsevier, posting margins 38% showed a balance of 3, 2 billion in revenue.They are now competing with publishers who understand that meet the costs of publishing and, most often, who pay dues to the university or rely on charities to meet their funding.  BioMed Central, led by Springer, one of the major players in the niche, has published more than 150,000 documents from its founding in 2000. And the Nature Publishing Group (NPG), a subsidiary of the German Georg von Holtzbrinck Publishing Group, releases no less than 80 newspapers and acquired Frontiers, a Swiss platform for Open Access. A redemption that allowed him to move from a rate of annual publication of 5000-7200 documents.  Many publishers looking for a new business model.Thus for example, Frontiers, under minimal supervision by peers, accept between 80 and 90% of requests for publications, skipping over those that are irreparably flawed. A similar approach as the pioneer in publishing Open Access, Public Library of Science (PLoS) non-profit organization based in San Francisco.  Its policy is to assess the value of the documents after publication, using evaluation as the number of downloads criteria. The platform is also equipped with a social network for researchers hearing share news, job and other information on conferences and events offers. A network which currently has about 70,000 members.  But other journals practice a more drastic filtering requests publication. A strategy to select distinguished in optical add unique value to their journals content. Such is the case for Nature or Science, who refuse nearly 90% of the documents submitted by researchers.  A number of publishers will promote open access in a non-commercial basis. This is the case of Wellcome Trust, a British medical charity, Max Planck Society, in managing a large number of German research institutes, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, U.S. agency established eLife. A review on the principle of peer review, but that does not charge publication fees.  And France during the month of January, Jean-Pierre Demailly, University of Grenoble, and a handful of other mathematicians have orbited the Episciences project. An initiative to demonstrate that researchers themselves can substitute for other publishers. And to release the final readings at lower cost.  Still, the financial investment and staff remains intact, because all such publications must be reviewed by qualified scientists. With tight budgets, rising expectations of the public and governments on open access, search liberators documents from the research will not be without some adventures."



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