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[From Google's English] "At the request of the State of Baden-Württemberg, the Federal Council at its meeting of 3May 2013 the introduction of a secondary publication rights for scientists at universities and research institutions decided. With a new regime in copyright law (Copyright Act) is to be the authors allows to make scientific publications after a period of at least six months for non-commercial purposes otherwise publicly available.  The decision aims to improve the legal framework for a possible rapid and accessibility of publicly funded research results. This was a requirement of the countries and scientific organizations to the federal government and the Bundestag since long. A statutory secondary publication rights would allow the scientists to their already published research otherwise make publicly available on some personal or academic platforms ... Bauer criticized the federal draft: 'resorted to short.'  With the decision of the Federal Council has taken a position on a bill of the Federal Government, which provided an annual period such rules. There will be limited to the scope of research activities carried out within the framework of public project funding or a non-university research institution.  Bauer: 'The measures provided for in the bill of the Federal government limitation of the scope of scientific staff at research institutions is short-sighted.' The scope of the standard must necessarily be extended to the academic staff at universities, the Minister said. 'For the removal of the entire academic staff employed at universities, there is no objective reason.' The period of one year, they also hold for too long.  Bauer called the decision of the Federal Council therefore an important milestone towards a science-and university-friendly copyright law. She appealed to the Federal Government and the Bundestag now implement the decision taken by the Federal Council in the legislative process: 'This means that Germany can play a leading international role and make a significant contribution to the rapid translation of research results into practice.'"


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