The Tree of Life: A good thing: More and more biology papers showing up in arXiv 2013-05-09


Use the link to access the list of articles described in the following blog post: "Good to see some more papers in microbiology & genomics and related topics going to the preprint server arXiv. If you are interested in population and evolutionary genetics a good place to keep up with papers on this topic in arXiv is Haldane's Sieve.  The good folks there in essence make a separate post about each paper of interest and then people can comment there on the papers, since the commenting functions at arXiv are, well, challenged. In areas related to this blog, here are some recent papers in arXiv ... Am hoping more and more biologists start depositing papers in arXiv.  My brother hasstarted doing it for all papers in his lab so I guess that means I should too.  And so should everyone else ..."


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