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"If you are in the US, then tough luck, the rights belong to the CBS Corporation, and you'll have to pay Amazon $7.80 $4.99 to get it legally on your Kindle. If you are sober enough to know which country's laws you're subject to (not that sobriety is a guarantee of jurisdiction-awareness) then you probably still don't know whether it's legal to download The Great Gatsby from Project Gutenberg Australia or the University of Adelaide. It's too bad that SOPA didn't pass because then all the US-illegal links to The Great Gatsby would be censored by law, and you would automatically have infringing links removed or not as the case may require. So this is a little auto-link-legalizer page here for you. Just click on the appropriate link: [1] I'm subject to US copyright law. [2]  I'm subject to the copyright law of Australia, Canada, or some other pirate jurisdiction. [3] I have no clue what copyright law I'm subject to ... Good discussion on Hacker News surfaced the answer via ernesth to my lazyweb query. The Great Gatsby is in the public domain in all countries but 7: the USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Samoa, Saint Vincent and Grenadines, and Ivory Coast. All countries except the USA apply a law that states that books enter the public domain a given number of years after the death of the author. In Europe, it is 70 years, in Canada 50, in Mexico 100. See List of countries copyright length. It's not known if copyright exists in other parts of the galaxy."



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