Open Data : Europeana ouvre les données de 20 millions d'oeuvres 2013-05-29


[From Google's English] "Great news for developers, and for art lovers. While in France the cultural data are excluded from the data fields to be offered free to the public, Europeana announced Wednesday the opening of its metadata covering 20 million referenced works in 29 languages. Data accessible via an API is published in a most generous of all Creative Commons CC0 license, which allows anyone to use all free, including for commercial purposes, without any restriction. This initiative, on an unprecedented scale world, 'provides a new impetus to the digital economy, providing electronic entrepreneurs new opportunities to create innovative applications and games for tablets and smartphones, and to create new services and web portals,' said Europeana. Launched in November 2008, Europeana launches digitized works from various museums, libraries, archives and European audiovisual collections. In all, a total of 2,200 partner institutions with which it has signed an agreement to release the metadata. Europeana found on all kinds of works, such as movies, music, radio, newspapers, books, photographs and drawings, all offered free consultation. 'Publish data from organizations preservation memory of all the countries of the EU to create a new international precedent important decisive initiative to leave the world of closed, controlled data,' comments Europeana. Nevertheless, if the metadata is released under the CC0 license, the works themselves, same are covered by traditional copyright, when not yet passed into the public domain ..."


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