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Use the link to access the video presentation made by Thomas Rindflesch of the National Library of Medicine at the [International Association of Scientific, Technical, & Medical Publishers] STM Innovations Seminar US: Reinventing Innovation held on May 1, 2012. The presentation was posted by River Valley TV. A brief overview of the presentation reads as follows: “Semantic MEDLINE integrates information retrieval, advanced natural language processing, automatic summarization, and visualization into a single Web portal. The application is intended to help manage the results of PubMed searches by condensing core semantic content in the citations retrieved. Output is presented as a connected graph of semantic relations, with links to the original MEDLINE citations. The ability to connect salient information across documents helps users keep up with the research literature and discover connections which might otherwise go unnoticed. Semantic MEDLINE can make an impact on bio-medicine by supporting scientific discovery and the timely translation of insights from basic research into advances in clinical practice and patient care.”



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