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"Open access scholarship faces a lot of challenges, and sometimes we focus on those so much we lose sight of how successful the movement for open access is. Just take a look, for instance, at the absolutely ridonculous amount of open access resources there are out there for the Pacific. Pacific anthropology is a small subfield of Pacific Studies, which is itself not that large compared to, say, the study of China or South Asia. But we’ve made incredible progress opening our writing. Consider the serials: The grand-daddy journal of our discipline is the Journal of the Polynesian Society, which now has over a century of content available open access. Pacific Studies, another key journal, has over thirty years of material available. In Europe the Journal de la Société des Océanistes and the Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde also have extensive open access offerings, much of which is in English. The cutting-edge journal The Contemporary Pacific has twenty years of material. SITES, a Kiwi journal for anthropology and cultural studies, has around a decade of material available. There are also newcomers like Pacific Asia Inquiry and ISLA: The Journal of Micronesian Studies which have been open access from the start. Ianaal (I am not an Australian lawyer) but I believe that early editions of Oceania are now also entering the public domain — someone who isn’t a giant for-profit publisher should start digitizing them ..."


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