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"We thank you for the opportunity to provide input to the Finch Report: Survey of Progress. The Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) represents the interests of Open Access publishers of journals and books, with the aim of expanding Open Access publishing while contributing to the development of standards and best practices in all areas of scholarly publishing. OASPA’s membership currently includes more than 60 full voting members, who range from independent OA journals that are run by small groups of researchers to many of the largest and most well-recognised publishers within the scholarly publishing industry. To prepare our response, OASPA members were given an opportunity to submit their individual comments to the OASPA Board. The responses to our request for input indicate that the effects of the RCUK policy are still at an early stage, and at this point in time there is still a fair amount of uncertainty about how the recommendations from the Finch Report will be implemented. We are aware that a number of our members are working to implement systems for managing OA payments, although many of our members have been actively publishing OA journals for quite some time and already have systems in place to manage OA payments from universities as well as from individual authors. In the year since the Finch Group released its recommendations, OASPA has seen a noticeable growth in interest in OA publishing, including interest from publishers who had earlier been reluctant to develop OA publishing programs, which we view as a very positive outcome from the Finch Group’s recommendations even at this early stage. Many of the questions that are posed in the survey are not relevant to those of our members who already have systems in place for managing OA publications, which includes members whose entire publishing program is Open Access as well as others who have been actively publishing open access journals on a smaller scale for the past several years. Nevertheless, we do believe there are a few key points that should be addressed in the implementation of the Finch Group’s recommendations, which are of great importance to our members as well as to Open Access publishing more generally. Below we have replied to those specific points that are relevant to OA publishing, and for which we believe OASPA can make a valuable contribution to any further discussions that may take place. Thank you again for the opportunity to respond and express our comments, as well as our concerns, in regard to the initial implementation of the Finch Group’s recommendations in support of Open Access publishing ...  The following comments are submitted on behalf of the Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA) ... 1. Overall policy and funding arrangements: key actions 1-5 ... 2. Publication in open access and hybrid journals ... "



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