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"The University of Leipzig increases its support to Open Access, ie the open publication of research results to their members worldwide. She explained this promotion a strategic objective: on Tuesday (December 9, 2014) of the University Senate has a corresponding 'Open Access Policy' adopted. 'I am pleased with the clear vote of the Senate, where a university further discourse on the disciplines preceded away,' says Prof. Dr. Matthias Schwarz, Vice-Rector for Research and Career Development at the University of Leipzig. To strengthen 'Open Access is offered socio-political. We have a clear mandate to deal responsibly with taxpayers' money and knowledge to think far. An important argument for open access is that the society of the money they enter in a scientific institutions also can benefit accordingly wide. The other fundamental point is that scientific progress of communication and information among scientists lives. The larger the circle of scientists, who can inform about new findings and without obstacles, the stronger it is the science as a whole will benefit' ..."



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