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[From Google's English] " ... Literature 'chiantifique' so it may be of interest to anyone other than the researchers white coat? Against all evidence, yes. Every day we discover new and unexpected uses products by the existence of high-quality scientific content on the Web. The consultation PubMed Central (link is external) , gigantic basic biomedical literature, is only 27% of university: other players are from private companies (17%) and above 40% are "citizens" teaches Alma Swan, specialist communication between researchers in a reference publication (link is external) published by Unesco on open access. We also know that communities of patients are particularly active, not only in reading the scientific literature, but also in the production of new knowledge. Humanities and social sciences (HSS), consultation success of open access portals also far beyond the scientific community alone. Readership French portals like Perseus (link is external) , Cairn (link is external) or OpenEdition (link is external) quantitatively exceeds all researchers workforce available and focuses not only on France, or even the Francophonie. Thus, the portal OpenEdition received 48.5 million visits in 2014, about 25 million unique visitors. And, surprise: the second and third countries who read the most this portal CNRS, Aix-Marseille University, the School for Advanced Studies in the Social Sciences and the University of Avignon are the United States and Germany. Thanks to native virtues of open access, but also thanks to the intrinsic interest of the consulted publications ..."


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