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[From Google's English] "Kiel / Hamburg, March 3, 2015: The ZBW - Leibniz Information Centre for Economics research with a focus on Science 2.0. Against this background ZBW scientists to the director of the ZBW, Prof. Dr. Klaus daughter man, 26 position papers of scientific organizations dedicated to science have 2.0 examines in Europe. The recently published report shows: In the European Union there is no uniform understanding of Science 2.0. In addition, the wishes go to political regulation apart strong.  Increased since 2010, employs ZBW - Leibniz Information Centre for Economics multiple perspectives on the theme Science 2.0. Now, scientists of the ZBW have viewed the 26 position papers to the director of the ZBW, Prof. Dr. Klaus Tochtermann by the European Commission in the framework of the discussion on the public consultation on the published 'Science 2.0 Science in Transition'. The result is a map of European positions on the subject Science 2.0.   The key findings ..."


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