ZBW MediaTalk | ZBW-Analyse: „Report on the General Stance of Organizations over Science 2.0 Public Consultation“

abernard102@gmail.com 2015-03-07


[From Google's English] " ... 26 position papers of scientific organizations on 'Science 2.0 in Europe' has the ZBW put under the microscope ( → press release ). This was the European Commission in the framework of the discussion on the public consultation on 'Science 2.0: Science in Transition'   published. The report 'Science 2.0 - Mapping European Perspectives' shows: In the European Union there is no uniform understanding of Science 2.0. In addition, the wishes go to political regulation apart strong. A definition of 'Science 2.0' by the European Commission is therefore required in order to lead a meaningful discussion can ..."



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