New blog for the Jisc Publications Router | OA-RJ project blog 2015-03-12


"Our new blog will be used to outline the developments and benefits of the The Jisc Publications Router service. It begins with an introductory post that includes links to the service page and information on interacting with the Router. The Publications Router is a free to use standalone middleware tool that automates the delivery of research publications from data suppliers to institutional repositories. The Router extracts authors’ affiliations from the metadata provided to determine appropriate target repositories before transferring publications to repositories registered with the service. The Router offers a solution to the duplication of effort recording a single research output presents in the increasingly collaborative world of research publications. It is intended to minimise effort on behalf of potential depositors while maximising the distribution and exposure of research outputs. The Router has its origins in the Open Access Repository Junction project. A brief recap of the various stages of evolution can be found in a post on the history of the project. If you wish to find out more about the service the Router offers please see the about page."


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