CCC on Rights and Licensing for Open Access Publishing 2015-03-12


"Open Access (OA) publishing and licensing models for academic, scientific, medical and other research based journal publishing can be a baffling topic for many. And “if you are confused, then you are only beginning to understand the problem,” says Christopher Kenneally, Director, Business Development, for Copyright Clearance Center ... To this end, CCC has partnered with ALPSP — the Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers — to offer, a free site with information on OA and it offers information by region.  As Open Access grows as a business model in the publishing community, it is not likely to become, as many have stated, the only business model, notes Kenneally. 'It is not going to flip overnight, we are going to see — and are seeing already — a world of many varieties of publishing in the scientific and publishing world. There are subscription models; there are pure-play OA journals by Wiley and Nature and others that are not merely evangelical; and there are also hybrid journals.'  And when it comes to rights and licensing, it boomerangs back to the mandates of the funder. With Creative Commons licenses for example, there are many varieties of those as well. CC BY, the most common license, is just one, and there are limits there regarding commercial re-use.  Ultimately, though, the landscape is proving to be much more transparent. And CCC is helping ..."


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