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"Micro and Nano Engineering, Department of Precision and Micro Engineering (PME) working Mechanical, Maritime and Materials Engineering (3mE), asked the Open Access fund DUT successfully for financial aid.  His article (co-written by Urs Staufer and Hugo Perez Garza 3ME and Ralph van Oorschot and Roy Derks of MA3 Solutions), was found to be good in  EPJ Techniques and Instrumentation in the Springer Open platform and is accessible to everyone.The article is the 175th publication that paid by TU Delft Open Access Fund. To commemorate this milestone received Ghatkesar (left in photo) and Van Oorschot (center) a symbolic ibex from the hands of the Just Leeuwe, publishing advisor of TU Delft Library. A live goat will be donated in the name of Ghatkesar and his co-authors to a peasant family in Bangladesh. The gift is inspired by the shared common thought does rise in the distribution of knowledge: give others access to something that they can use to their own advantage. In Ghatkesar's words: 'Science is the cornerstone of civilization. Restricting scientific knowledge is like restricting civilization. Open Science / Open Access is an ideal way to share the scientific spirit across the world and reap the benefits equally.'"



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