How open data is changing the way Uruguayans choose their health care - Sunlight Foundation Blog 2015-05-15


"Every year in February, Uruguayans have the option to change their health service providers in an open enrollment period. For the last few years, key performance indicators on providers have been published in spreadsheets on the website of the Ministry of Health, but only a few actually knew about the existence of the data, and hardly anyone ever consulted it. But, this year, the number of citizens accessing the data before making a decision increased dramatically. Why? In order to promote more informed health choices, DATA Uruguay, a Montevideo-based transparency organization, decided to create a tool to visualize the information provided by the government. Developed in close collaboration with the Ministry of Health and launched in February 2015, A Tu Servicio (Spanish for 'At Your Service') allows users to browse among the vast amount of data about health care providers, compare performance indicators and get in touch with providers directly if need be ..."


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