A joint submission from PASTEUR4OA and OpenAIRE projects and EIFL to the public consultation on Slovenian draft document regarding open access to scientific publications and research data 2015-2020

abernard102@gmail.com 2015-06-07


"PASTEUR4OA and OpenAIRE projects and EIFL welcome the public consultation of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport on the draft document entitled 'Open Access in Slovenia 2015-2020: Principles and Regulation Regarding the Open Access to Scientific Publications and Research Data in Slovenia for the Period from 2015 to 2020'. The draft document1 provides a good practice example of fully aligned national policy on open access to scientific publications and national pilot programme Open access to research data with the Horizon 2020 (H2020) Open Access mandate and Open Research Data Pilot and July 2012 Commission’s Recommendations on access to and preservation of scientific information ..."



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