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" ... With the docwise reader platform, physicians are able to customize their medical journal and news reading experience. Articles selected by F1000Prime's global faculties and recommended as being of special significance will now be identified within docwise, providing users of the platform with an essential layer of expert opinion and guidance from some of the world's most respected names in medicine and clinical research. F1000Prime is an in-depth directory of the top articles in biology and medicine, as recommended by F1000's faculties of over 5,000 expert scientists and clinical researchers, assisted by 5,000 associates. The service covers over 40 disciplines and more than 3,500 journals. Articles are rated and expert commentaries explain their importance. 'Our vision is to provide physicians with the most elegant and high quality reading experience and we are thrilled to enhance our users' experience with F1000Prime recommendations,' said Rosina Samadani, Ph.D., the President of docwise. 'We believe the F1000Prime recommendations are a perfect addition to the docwise platform, providing informed opinion on articles that our physicians are browsing through their customized experience on our app. This is exactly the type of content and feature we want to provide our physicians.' Users have always been able to create custom topics, such as 'ADHD' or 'hepatocellular carcinoma,' so they never miss an article on that topic. Now they will also see when there is an F1000Prime recommendation associated with an article and, if they have a subscription, have access to that. 'docwise is a stylish and ingenious app that makes keeping up with the literature easy, fast and enjoyable for busy physicians,' said Anne Greenwood, Managing Director of F1000Prime. 'docwise users can access all their subscriptions through a single interface and now, with the layered addition of our F1000Prime recommendations, they can see at a glance which articles have been judged by our global faculties as being of special importance.'"



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