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"In case you’re not glued to social media 24/7, you may have missed some of the coverage of the Lingua → Glossa Affair. Media coverage after the early Inside Higher Ed article has included ... Yesterday, an Elsevier PR blog posted a mendacious 'clarification'. In addition to some of the comments on that post, you can look in other places for the truth ...  Martin Eve, the founder of the Open Library of Humanities which will host the new incarnation of Lingua, has posted 'Clarifying a few facts for Elsevier and their response to Lingua' [and] Mike Taylor has posted a scathing reply to Elsevier ... Elsevier claims that it founded Lingua, that it therefore has the right to the name, that the proposed open access charge of 400 Euros per article is not sustainable. Obviously, Lingua was founded by linguists not by Elsevier. The charge is almost certainly sustainable (in fact, Elsevier has journals that subsist on such a charge) ..."


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