Publishers should enhance service and drive open development to support the social nature of the science-making process – Report from the 10th Munin Conference on Scholarly Publishing | Stockholm University Press Blog 2015-12-19


"Recently, I gave a presentation at the Munin Conference on Scholarly Publishing in Tromsø, Norway. It was an honour to have the opportunity to give a talk among other speakers in the span from Nobel Laureates and distinguished researchers to university representatives and other stakeholders. The northernmost university in the world showed once more that it is possible to nurture scholarly conversations in any latitude. The core of the activities should evolve around the researchers In my presentation, I once more had the opportunity to tell the story of Stockholm University Press (SUP). As you may be aware of by now, the task to manage this new project was given to the Stockholm University Library, and in the initial process it became evident that the core of the activities had to evolve around the researchers, the users, where the scientific ideas are created and developed. It was decided early on that the press had to become an intrinsic part of the entire library operations in order to stay relevant to Stockholm University as a whole and the people working there. SUP believe that one of the most important tasks of the publisher is to enhance services and drive development to support the social nature of the science-making process We see it as a process where ideas are shared and discussed between peers in order to create better science. The aim is to accelerate this process by using our tools, strategies and guidelines. This is however still a work in progress, and will continue to be for quite some time, where we need to ensure that our tools and processes are transparent and open in order to reach these goals. In addition to this, it is also important to recognise the need for further education about the nature of Open Access, for example what it means to be using a creative commons license, or how to take advantage of the benefits of electronic platforms and tools ..."


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