Open Government Data: Readiness Assessment Indonesia 2013-07-02


Use the link to access the full text report.  An excerpt reads as follows: "Governments around the world produce massive amounts of data as part of their work. Such data can be extremely useful for a wide set of actors, yet it often remains inaccessible. New technologies now make it possible to share this data in a practical way, enabling different stakeholders to collaborate around multiple data sources and to build services and applications to exploit data in new and innovative ways.
Releasing government data is in many cases a crucial pillar of an Open Government strategy. Ministries and government agencies put their raw data on the web (in machine-readable formats) to promote transparency and accountability, and to stimulate innovation and economic growth. On a broader framework, Open Government Data (OGD) enables decision-making based on evidence that both government and citizens can evaluate. Various actors including civil society organizations, civic hackers, entrepreneurs, and other members of the general public can review and download the data and create new applications around it to make the most of the available information.As part of our focus on such OGD initiatives, the World Wide Web Foundation (Web Foundation) conducted an OGD Readiness Assessment of Indonesia, in partnership with the Ford Foundation. This study builds on the methodology and experience of two prior studies conducted by the Web Foundation in Ghana1and Chile2 as well as the Web Foundation’s general OGD expertise ... The objective of this assessment is two-fold ... [1] To identify and describe local challenges, build an appropriate knowledge base and facilitate knowledge sharing in order to address them.  [2] To assist in defining key elements of a successful strategy to support the implementation of a sustainable OGD program in Indonesia by acting on the six dimensions that make such initiatives successful, namely institutional, organizational, legal, technical, social and economic ... Based on desk research, supplemented by an online survey and a field visit to identify and interact with groups of stakeholders and local champions who might be involved in an OGD project locally, this study explores Indonesia’s OGD readiness and seeks to map potential opportunities and challenges for the implementation of an OGD initiative ..."


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