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[Abstract] UK Biobank is a long-term prospective epidemiology study having recruited and now following the lives of 500,000 people in England, Scotland and Wales, aged 40-69 years when they joined the study (Sudlow et al., PLoS Med 12(3):e1001779, 2015). Participants were recruited by letter and asked to attend one of 22 assessment centres in towns and cities across Britain, where they provided consent, answered detailed questions about their health and lifestyle, had body measures taken and donated blood, urine and saliva. Participants provided consent for the long-term follow-up of their health via medical records, such as general practice and hospital records, cancer and death records. Samples are being stored long term for a wide range of analyses, including genetic. The resource is open to all bona fide scientists from the UK and overseas, academic and industry who register via its access management system. Summary of UK Biobank data can be viewed via its Data Showcase and the resource will be strengthened over time as the results of new analyses and studies are returned, health links and participants provide additional information about themselves. Some will attend full repeat assessment visits. UK Biobank is open for business, and it hopes researchers will find it a valuable tool to improve the health of future generations.


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