The end of the subscription? Gold Open Access at #bibcast 2016 | read cloud 2016-03-09


[From Google's English] "Bernhard Mittermaier, Head of the Library of Forschungszentrum Jülich, calculated before in his presentation that we had arrived in 2023 at 50% and in 2027 at 100 per cent if the trend towards Open Access so progresses as in the last 2 decades. The umsteigt at least the vast majority of Gold Open Access, is not so utopian. Already offsetting contracts with a balance of articles and subscription fees closed (the Netherlands, Austria, United Kingdom). The allocation of research funding is increasingly linked to subsequent OA publication. The Max Planck Digital Library has determined that a global transition to Open Access would be worth quite, see Note on the study 2015 . This could mean a threat to academic libraries that continue mainly focus on the subscription of magazines ..."


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