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" ... This huge body of research has helped ego depletion, as psychologists call it, and its offshoot decision fatigue, become the basis for best-selling books, TED talks, and countless life hacks. In an age where temptations and decisions pummel us at warp speed, it's become an empowering concept. If we know how the system works, we can game it: President Obama famously doesn't pick out his suits, for fear that it might deplete some of his decision-making capabilities. But the whole theory of ego depletion may be on the brink of collapse. Slate's Daniel Engber reports on an upcoming study in the journal Perspectives on Psychological Science that found in a test with more than 2,000 participants across more than 20 labs, 'a zero-effect for ego depletion: No sign that the human will works as it’s been described, or that these hundreds of studies amount to very much at all.' How could hundreds of peer-reviewed studies possibly be so wrong? There may be a way to explain it, and it's shaking researchers to their cores ..."



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