Sci-Hub/LibGen in Blogs and the Media: A Recent Bibliography – Stephen Reid McLaughlin 2016-03-21


"Since last summer I’ve been making a Zotero entry whenever I see Sci-Hub or Library Genesis mentioned on a blog or in the news, which until recently was a fairly rare occurrence. TorrentFreak, of course, has been covering the publishers’ civil suit since the beginning and was out in front on both Elbakyan’s letter to Judge Sweet in September and the preliminary injunction that followed. The Association of American Publishers, for its part, issued a statement against the sites in October. Then the solidarity letter went up in late November, circulating steadily for a couple months on Twitter, Reddit, Hacker News, etc. Finally, February 9 articles by Waddell in The Atlantic and Oxenham on Neurobonkers broke through, kicking off a wave of coverage in the big-time media as well as further discussion on Twitter and many, many posts on academic/library/open access blogs. Since that outpouring I’ve noted just about everything I’ve seen, most of it from various social media feeds. I didn’t search for every last piece, so feel free to comment with anything I’ve missed ..."


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