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"A recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine brought encouraging news for colon cancer patients: by using gene-expression analysis and bioinformatic tools, researchers had found a candidate biomarker that could potentially identify high-risk individuals who would benefit from adjuvant chemotherapy. This is where data from previous clinical trials came in handy: the biomarker was validated in a heterogeneous patient population combined from four retrospective study cohorts. This study is just one great example on how data sharing can be used to confirm hypotheses and expedite progress in research. In addition to scientific benefit, efforts on data sharing will bring visibility to all parties involved. The concept of data sharing is an excellent opportunity for pharmaceutical companies to stand out. Transparent communication with both academic researchers and the public helps build better trust and growing interest in clinical trials sponsored by the industry. In turn, this could further increase research resources and thus benefit the whole biomedical field—from academic research institutions to industry ..."


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