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[From Google's English]  "The Open Data (Open Data) is a movement, access to information and practice of publishing freely accessible and usable data philosophy. The goal is to make available to all without restriction, public data on transportation , mapping, statistics, geography, sociology, environment , etc.. Several countries have already joined this movement, including France (with eg opening developers data from the city of Paris ), the United Kingdom or the United States.  Under the leadership of the African Development Bank (ADB) with the project 'Information Superhighway', the Africa joined the Open Data movement with open data ministries, central banks, national offices, statistics etc.. from the 54 countries of the continent.  The Open Data platform is 'an easy to use tool that can extract data, create and share their own custom reports and view information related to themes, sectors or countries form of tables, graphs and maps.'  With the Open Data platform, users can access a wide range of data on the development of African countries, intersected from a variety of official international and national sources.   By offering quality data aligned best international standards, this initiative, according to the ADB, 'promote decision making based on reliable information, good governance and administrative accountability. It will also serve to monitor the progress of the millennium development at national and regional level.'  Through this initiative, developers can take advantage of the wealth of data that is available to them to develop applications to visualize development indicators and make a clear analysis at national and regional level.  The Open Data initiative is expected to bring a revolutionary change in the collection, analysis and information on sharing Africa . For the ADB, it 'will raise the continent outpost of information on the global economy.'"



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