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“Professor Dame Janet Finch from the University of Manchester [said] that the articles and journals for reading would probably be available for free in a near future. ‘In the longer term, the future lies with open access publishing. The UK should recognize this change, should embrace it and should find ways of managing it in a measured way’, [s]he added. Finch is of the opinion that open access would be helpful in the achievement of economic growth as well as would ensure researchers’ efficiency. According to her, not only the information access on the web has changed over time, but digital repositories have been demanded largely as well. The repositories allow scientists to make their findings available for free. On being asked by the government, Prof. Finch consulted academics and publishers to find out the ways that allow free availability as well as maintain good standards of peer review as well. Also, she searched for a way that does not affect publishing industry. She then found that open access was the future though, the same would cost some £60m per year as well as would bring cuts in subscription and transition costs. The author has also appreciated publishing companies for extending licenses that would allow people to have full access to scientific literature at local libraries.”




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