Interview: Exploring and Discovering with Mendeley 2012-06-20


Use the link to access the transcript of the interview introduced as follows: “As Victor Henning was studying for his Ph.D, he and his friends Jan and Paul (Mendeleys’ other founders) were finding it hard to manage the hundreds of papers and articles they needed to read. Storing, indexing and referencing so many documents was a time-consuming and painful process for them. ‘Why isn’t there some software out there to help us do that,’ they asked themselves. They needed and wanted something that could simply drag and drop PDFs, and then automatically extract the bibliographic data, keywords and references. ‘We created Mendeley to help researchers do this – to automate the tedious tasks of managing research,’ says Victor. But they quickly realized that by building a system that connected academics and their research through the web, that much greater and more interesting networking and collaborative features would be possible, too. And thus they built Mendeley.”



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