Science as an open enterprise - Report | Royal Society 2012-06-22


Use the link to access the full text report published by the Royal Society Science Policy Centre. A brief overview of the report reads as follows: “The Science as an open enterprise report highlights the need to grapple with the huge deluge of data created by modern technologies in order to preserve the principle of openness and to exploit data in ways that have the potential to create a second open science revolution. Exploring massive amounts of data using modern digital technologies has enormous potential for science and its application in public policy and business. The report maps out the changes that are required by scientists, their institutions and those that fund and support science if this potential is to be realised... Six key areas for action are highlighted in the report: [1] Scientists need to be more open among themselves and with the public and media [2] Greater recognition needs to be given to the value of data gathering, analysis and communication [3] Common standards for sharing information are required to make it widely usable [4] Publishing data in a reusable form to support findings must be mandatory [5] More experts in managing and supporting the use of digital data are required [6] New software tools need to be developed to analyse the growing amount of data being gathered.”



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