Open Access Agreements and Licenses 2012-06-24


[Forwarded from the SPARC OA Forum] “Confederation of Open Access Repositories (COAR) has formed a Task Force for ‘Open Access Agreements and Licenses’ with members representing both the repository community as well as the licensing community (see below for a current list of members). The purpose of the Task Force is to improve access to research papers globally, and the desired outcomes are: [1] Review existing agreements and licenses [2] Assessment of efficacy and value of various licenses and agreements [3] Recommendations and best practices for creating and adopting OA agreements and licenses [4] Communication plan for distributing and promoting recommendations ... We are now turning to you members of the liblicense mailing list to ask for your help in collecting different versions of open access clauses (e.g. author rights, self-archiving, parallel publication, compensation for Open Access material etc.) from your existing licenses, and also samples of agreements with gold open access publishers. Please send your replies to We aim to have our preliminary results available in time for the ICOLC conference in Vienna in October, and look forward to having an opportunity to discuss them then!”



08/16/2012, 06:08

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