Siyavula textbooks available for a variety of devices 2012-06-24


“The wide range of learning environments that exist in South Africa requires that Siyavula’s textbooks are available for variety of devices and in a range of different formats. Whether your school requires you to bring an iPad to class or whether you share a printed textbook amongst a group of peers, we are striving to make Siyavula’s resources accessible to you... Our books can be read and download from our website for free. If you haven’t visited our EverythingMaths and EverythingScience websites yet, you are missing out. The Siyavula textbooks are filled with curriculum-aligned rich media such as videos, simulations and slideshow presentations. This means that using them online becomes a completely interactive experience. The printed textbooks indicate where there is rich-media available for a particular section. If you have access to a projector in class you can use the web-based book as a powerful teaching aid, bringing to life the concepts within the book... The Siyavula textbooks available on the iPad... The Siyavula textbooks available on the Kindle... Siyavula textbooks available over mobile...”



08/16/2012, 06:08

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