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“This is a record of a proposal for presenting this project at JATSCon 2012 (October 16 & 17, 2012). We drafted this proposal here in the open. Submitted this version on Monday, May 21, 7:25AM. It got rejected, unfortunately, on June 27... Brief Description ... A large and continuously growing corpus of scientific literature is stored in JATS format, and a considerable proportion thereof is available under open licenses. The JATS-to-Mediawiki software is currently being developed to convert articles from JATS XML into MediaWiki XML. MediaWiki is a free platform used in many applications, including Wikipedia. Conversion of scientific articles into this format allows them to live on in such a collaborative editing environment. The JATS-to-Mediawiki converter is an integral component of the Encyclopedia of Original Research (EOR), which is a project designed to redeploy the existing and newly published openly licensed scientific literature in a way that allows it to become a living, dynamic record of thematically interlinked articles. The primary goal of the EOR project is to develop a platform that is able to capture and archive the open scientific literature such that the original work is preserved, while at the same time allow it to become dynamically and collaboratively updated. The JATS-to-Mediawiki software, as with the rest of the EOR project, is being developed in an open, collaborative manner, and is hosted on GitHub, at https://github.com/konrad/JATS-to-Mediawiki/.”




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