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"Launching in Spring 2014, and open for submissions in Autumn 2013, Scientific Data is a new open-access, online-only publication for descriptions of scientifically valuable datasets, initially focusing on the life, biomedical and environmental science communities ... Scientific Data publishes descriptions of scientifically valuable datasets, and requires that authors make described datasets available to editors and referees at the time of submission, and share these datasets with the scientific community as a condition of publication. Scientific Data will provide a searchable publication platform where researchers can find high-quality datasets across many different data repositories, but will not host primary research data itself. Scientific Data encourages submission of datasets to community-recognized data repositories, when such repositories exist, and recommends deposition to figshare or Data Dryad when specific repositories do not exist for a particular dataset. For more information on this policy please see our related blog post. Any files presenting primary data – data that were directly produced by an experimental or observational procedure — should be submitted to an appropriate external repository and described in detail in the 'Data Records' section of the Data Descriptor manuscript. Scientific Data encourages authors to provide their data in the most 'raw' form that will be useful to the general scientific community and permit the widest reuse. For some data types, it is useful to release data at different levels — for example, within the proteomics community it is often advantageous to release data as “raw” spectra as well as more processed peptide or protein-level data, to help serve different reuse cases. Authors may also submit supplementary information files — including code, models, workflows, and summary tables — but primary data should not be submitted as supplementary information ..."


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