Open science in a land of poetry 2012-07-22


Use the link to access the full text of the blog post summarizing key highlights from Euroscience Open Forum 2012. “It must be terribly hard being a professional poet in Ireland: there is so much competition! Having recently spent a few days in Dublin at Euroscience Open Forum 2012 (ESOF2012), I am convinced that just about everyone in Ireland writes poetry. Certainly the Irish President does – speaking at the opening ceremony, President Higgins reminded us of a poem from his second published collection that was inspired by cosmology. Even the scientists are at it – Professor Patrick Cunningham, chief scientific adviser to the Irish Government and chair of ESOF2012, read out a poem he’d written for the occasion too. And at a later session, we heard that poets and scientists share ‘the same sociology’: each group knows that they don’t have too many readers, not everyone understands them, and so they form supportive communities to keep their spirits up. Euroscience is one such community – a grassroots movement bringing together scientists from across Europe to connect people and enhance the contribution of science to our future wellbeing and prosperity, according to Professor Enric Banda, the current President of Euroscience. Their ESOF conference is a biennial event that presents cutting-edge scientific research in the context of contemporary challenges...”



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