Open data e Archeologia: se ne parla agli Open Data in Action di Bari | Eventi 2013-10-11


[[From Google's English] "Friday, October 11, 2013 in Bari part by the Laboratory Low Open Data in Action, a training initiative focused on the theme of Open Data, aimed at entrepreneurs, innovators, journalists and developers, professionals and non-professionals, organized by the Associations AkuBari in collaboration with OpenBSK. The Laboratory by Low Open Data in Action will be structured in a series of seminars are free and open to all. Teachers and professionals in Puglia bring their experience on the application of Open Data. The approach provided with respect to the issue cuts across different disciplines.We discuss business models and Open Governance, processing of geodata for research and in particular the archaeological, Data Journalism and licenses for use of the data, to get to the visualization techniques, Data Mining, Sentiment analysis and predictive analytics.  We report in particular the meeting of Sunday, October 20 (h. 10:00 to 14:00) with Gabriele Gattiglia, on the topic 'Map project: web-GIS and predictability. The use of open data in archeology.' Gabriele Gattiglia will illustrate the innovative features of the MOD as the first online digital archive of archaeological Open Data in Italy (and its differences with respect to initiatives such as Open Data Mothya that uses the MediaWiki software and which is accessible after registration).  It will also discuss the difference between Open Access publications and release of Open Data dataset, depending on the importance of the process archeografico that allows industry professionals, researchers etc.. to interpret the raw data and repeat the process of interpretation. Finally, will also be discussed the difficulties encountered, especially related to the need to create standards, resistance to the sharing of data that could be partially mitigated by the use of licenses and CC BY DOI to protect the intellectual authorship."


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