Open Access Week 2013: Redefining Impact | Planeta 2013-10-18


"October 21-27 Open Access Week is an annual scholarly event which takes place during the last full week of October in a multitude of locations both on- and offline around the world. Activities include talks, seminars, symposia, or the announcement of open access mandates and other milestones. The theme of 2013's Open Access Week is 'Redefining Impact.' If there are any takeaways from previous efforts in opening and sharing access to information is that what is most effective is the most widely understood. Wonky weasel words don't cut it. Meaningful interaction with knowledge requires that we learn how to communicate across sectors. If we engage people at all points of the dialogue, then the impact we make will be the greatest. We also need to prepare to be surprised. Many of the applications for the data collected and shared have not yet been thought of. Quoting John Wilbanks speaking at the Research Data Alliance Plenary: 'It's not about net present value. It's about net potential value.' Ron Mader: 'I am currently unable to organize a local 'open access' event when locals have no understanding of what 'open access' means. It may be understood theoretically, but these words are outside the vocabulary. Let me explain. I live in southern Mexico where few people speak English. Trying to explain concepts like 'open access' is a big challenge. I welcome any suggestions on introducing the ideas and hosting a walk-and-talk to explore them in depth ...'"


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