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"On behalf of RCUK, RIN has completed a report on policies and procedures adopted by universities in implementing RCUK open access (OA) requirements. This is attached below. The report reflects developments in the university sector following the introduction of new RCUK’s policies on open access. Those policies require that any articles and conference proceedings which arise from work funded by one of the Research Councils and are submitted for publication from 1 April 2013 should be published on open access terms.  Universities have moved rapidly to set up policies and procedures to comply with RCUK requirements, and what is reported on here is changing fast. Nevertheless, we hope that our findings and recommendations point to some useful lessons for the sector as a whole. UK universities faced – and continue to face – a number of challenges in responding to the new open access (OA) policies first announced by RCUK in July 2012. They start from very different positions in addressing these challenges; but all had to develop and implement new policies, procedures and systems in a relatively short period of time. This report describes what universities have done, the issues and problems they have faced, and how they have sought to address them. The picture will almost certainly change in the next year or so, as universities gain more experience, and more data on which to ground their policies and procedures. In providing examples of how different universities have approached the challenges presented to them, the report does not seek to recommend a single course of good practice. The differing characteristics of universities are too various for that, and policies, procedures, and systems are too immature. But it is hoped that the experiences presented here will provide valuable pointers to further action for the benefit of individual universities, RCUK, and the sector as a whole."


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