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"We’re taking a two-part look at open data and why a culture of openness is important for the future of Australian research. This month we’ll explore exactly what ‘open’ means. Add to story or collection Share on Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Google+ Share on Linkedin Share by email The open data movement champions the idea that, for example, publicly funded researchers and organisations should make their data publicly available for access and reuse, without restriction. This movement has grown significantly over recent years and is closely related to other ‘open’ movements such as open access, which advocates unrestricted access to peer-reviewed research publications. Some of the most significant advances towards an open data culture can be seen in government. This is due to governments coming under increasing pressure to demonstrate how public funds are being used - to be transparent and accountable to taxpayers. Locally, Premier Jay Weatherill has signed the Declaration of Open Data, to position the Government of South Australia’s data as open by default. An Action Plan to Advance Open Data has also been launched. Some Government datasets are beginning to be published via the online repository at data.sa.gov.au ..."



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