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[From Google's English] "Sander Dekker Secretary of Education, Culture and Science has put his signature under the European partnership ELIXIR. This supports the Netherlands open data initiative in the field of biological and biomedical research data. Because the Netherlands now joins ELIXIR Dutch researchers gain access to important biological research that could be research in the fields of medicine, biotechnology and agriculture of great use. Modern biology provides huge amounts of data. ELIXIR makes it possible for scientists to find biological data from previous experiments faster easier to integrate into new studies and quickly share them with European colleagues. Coherence and integration of many different data can lead to a huge contribution to the research into such therapies for hereditary diseases. Secretary Dekker makes the signing of ELIXIR a major step in the field of open access to research data, also with European colleagues, he wants to achieve open access to scientific publications. 'The world around us is changing rapidly. We now live in a digital world, and that calls for a new way to deal with scientific research. This is true not only for publications, but also for access of research data. For providing research data and keeping proper arrangements must be made. I am pleased that the European ELIXIR it plays a leading role in within the (bio) medical field, and that the Netherlands actively contributing to' Dekker said. Netherlands is € 1.1 million to ELIXIR and acts as the seventh country to this European cooperation."


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