IP, commons, and World Values Survey traditional/secular-rational and survival/self-expression dimensions – Mike Linksvayer

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"I recently wrote about Benkler’s 2002 claim that 'commons-based peer production' or the 'networked information economy' could enhance the liberal values of democracy, equality, freedom, and innovation and the corollary that 'intellectual property' is a barrier to peer production, thus to realizing these gains. More riffing on Benkler’s papers forthcoming, but that post also serves to kick off a series I’ve long meant to do — looking at IP (take your pick: intellectual property, intellectual/industrial protectionism, inequality promotion, information/innovation policy) and commons from the perspective of various general characterizations of, take your pick: ethics, morality, politics, values. These posts will be rather naive, reflecting in some proportions the generally ignorant nature of what passes as discourse on IP and my ignorance of wide swaths of discourse. I appreciate efforts from others to correct both. You’ve probably seen a plot of cultures on the dimensions of traditional/secular-rational values and survival/self-expression values, from World Values Survey data, but here it is again ... How do the current IP regime and treating knowledge as a commonsalign on these dimensions? ..."



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