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[From Google's English] "The Open Knowledge Foundation is committed to a free data, ie data which further processes such as free content or free software without restriction, may be modified and redistributed. Last fall, she has to a Guide to Open Data Licensing created. At that time, the draft license for free data from Talis and Creative Commons was discussed - the background there is, among other things described in Talis and a brief summary of Peter Suber . At the annual meeting of the Open Knowledge Foundation on Saturday (15.3.2008) in London now is as I understand it, in the context of Open Data Commons the 'Open Data Commons Public Domain Dedication and Licence' (PDDL) to be adopted. An example of data that should be explicitly marked with this license in the public domain or free data bibliographical catalog data. Last week there was an article about OKF Blog Free Catalog data - so far it looks despite public funding of libraries from bad - nowhere can be downloaded explicitly the entire catalog. Maybe that helps the Freedom of Information Act - a public institution that manages accounts should provide a complete inventory catalog available at least. Truly free library catalogs do not exist so far unfortunately. In addition to bibliographic data, the development funds play an increasingly important role. This is where currently open alternatives and libraries should ask themselves what role their standard data classifications and tag systems will have in the future if they are only partially usable. An example of a non-usable development system called Anthony Williams of the is commented Peter : The American Chemical Society (ACS) prohibits the CAS numbers redistribute by which chemical substances are identified. If the ACS with their opinion is right, no CAS numbers can be included in Wikipedia articles about chemicals - although also could find a lot more information, and finally CAS numbers are something like 'phone numbers in the chemical world.'  Well, apparently at various points still work to do in educational work."


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