Studies on Subject-Specific Requirements for Open Access Infrastructure 2012-08-20


[Use the link above to access “Studies on Subject-Specific Requirements for Open Access Infrastructure,” a book published by OpenAire. Individual chapters can be downloaded or the book can be downloaded in its entirety. OpenAire (Open Access Infrastructure for Research in Europe) “a three-year project, will establish the infrastructure for researchers to support them in complying with the EC OA pilot and the ERC Guidelines on Open Access. It will provide an extensive  European Helpdesk System, based on a distributed network of national and regional liaison offices in 27 countries, to ensure localized help to researchers within their own context. It will build an OpenAIRE portal and e-Infrastructure for the repository networks and explore scientific data management services together with 5 disciplinary communities. It will also provide a repository facility for researchers who do not have access to an institutional or discipline-specific repository.” ] A brief overview of the book states: “The OpenAIRE ‘Studies on Subject-Specific Requirements for Open Access Infrastructures’ highlight the subject-specific requirements to get an in-depth understanding of today's research infrastructures and future needs. They cover five different disciplines, that of [1] Health and Life Sciences (Chapter B, G) [2] Information and Communication Technology (Chapter C) [3] Environment data (Chapter F) [4] Socio-economic sciences and Humanities (Chapter E) [5] e-infrastructures (Chapter D) The study is published as a book and individual chapters, consisting of [1] an introduction [2] six subject-specific case studies from highly qualified subject specialists [3] a comparative conclusion The case studies address the correlation between subject specificity, Open Access and infrastructure. They show principles of existing research infrastructures and draw conclusions for a roadmap.



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