Workshop 3 2012-09-08


Use the link to access more information about the workshop and the Berlin 10 Open Access Conference: Networked scholarship in a networked world.  “The programme will be divided into five segments namely publishing via the gold route, and introduction to OJS, the creation of a title using OJS and tips and finer points and, dissemination and discoverability.  In terms of the first segment, attendees will be exposed to the fact that ‘self-publishing or hosting’ still retains the rigour associated with high quality journal publications/output. The second segment will focus on the introduction of OJS as an alternate method of publishing journals via an open access platform. The third segment, which will be the core of the workshop, will be hands on training on creating a journal title using OJS. Attendees would have the benefit of engaging with experts on the software to set-up their title.  Attendees will also be presented with a ‘do-it-yourself type’ manual for easy adoption and application. The fourth segment will be covered by the originators of the software and share some of the intricate capabilities. The last segment will examine tools and processes that will facilitate dissemination and discoverability of content that is now available through an open access forum.”


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