ALPSP: at the heart of scholarly publishing: ALPSP Conference Day 1: Global Consortia and Library Markets overview 2012-09-13


[See the full text post for a detailed breakdown of the consortia mentioned in the following excerpt by region and country.  “Thomas Taylor from Dragonfly Information Services provided a packed overview of global consortia and library markets as part of the News of the World session on day one of the conference.  He observed that access to research is becoming a ‘right’. Open Access movement is a disruptive business model and there is an evolution of traditional subscription models for consortia.  The advantages for publishers include protection for subscription revenue, access and usage explodes, the impact factor goes up and you can integrate Open Access journals into consortia deals.  Global trends in consortia markets include: [1] Library budget constraints in all economies – from dire (in Ireland) to selective (China) [2] Large national closed consortia with less/no central funding (DFG, NSTL, CRKN, CAPES) [3] Mature (penetrated) consortia acquiring less [4] Budgets plus time constraints (renewals) (CRKN, China, JISC) [5] Newer (less penetrated) consortia proceeding cautiously and in increments (Mexico, Japan) [6] Renewals still strong, the default setting [7] Consortia as purchasing model still healthy... In summary: [1] Consortia deals continue to be healthy and renewed [2] Most consortia adding little new content when compared to the past [3] Centrally funded consortia are challenged [4] Addendum scientific research is increasingly global [5] Implications for libraries, consortia, publishers and purchasing models [6] Addendum 2: Open Access mandates and how they affect the consortia world. [7] If you are’t a large commercial publishers, join forces with other like minded publishers.”


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