Monitoring Progress in the Transition to Open Access: Report of a Working Group 2014-04-08


Use the link to access the full text report.  "The Finch Report1 urged that the process to implement its recommendations should include the collection of reliable, high-quality indicators on the key features of the changing research communications landscape. The precise configuration of the indicators, data definitions, protocols and methodologies 
should, the Report suggested, be considered by representatives of the different stakeholder groups. This 
current report presents proposals for a framework of indicators to monitor progress towards open access 
(OA) in the UK. The proposals do not attempt to cover all elements of the Finch recommendations, but focus on the 
transition to OA. Our aim has been to produce a framework of indicators which address key questions 
relating to the transition, based on data that can be gathered annually in relatively straightforward 
fashion. The picture the indicators present should be reasonably authoritative. But we recognise that some 
important questions require more detailed research; and we have concluded reluctantly that these must 
for the present lie outside the scope of the framework we propose. All our proposals, however, including 
our exclusions from the framework, should be kept under review in the light of experience and of developments in the availability of data. We have built our proposals around the core themes of the Finch Report: accessibility, sustainability and quality of service. We also urge that the work to produce the indicators should be undertaken annually in 
order to monitor and assess trends. Clarity and consistency in definitions and approaches to data 
collection and analysis are therefore critically important. It is also important that, with as few exceptions 
as possible, all the results of the data gathering and analysis should be made freely available for others to 
interrogate and to use. The work we propose should be overseen by representatives of the key stakeholder groups, including funders, universities and other research organisations, libraries, Jisc, learned societies, and publishers. 
UniversitiesUK is now taking the lead in convening a body comprising such representatives, and we hope 
it will take on that role. Once the new body is established, we envisage that it will wish to consider our 
proposals, and the priorities to be attached to our various proposals and recommendations, in detail ..."


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