Is this just for Open Access (OA) journals? | Rubriq 2012-10-30


[Use the link to find out more about Rubriq's mission to "benefit all researchers and publishers [by] speeding up the publication process while maintaining a rigorous pre-publication peer review process" through the "About Us" and "FAQ" web pages.] "We believe that Rubriq is useful for all journals, regardless of their publication model. Traditional journals may find value in the Rubriq scorecard to supplement their own review process or attract appropriate papers for submission. More selective journals might use R-Scores as a filter to catch 'diamonds in the rough' during the triage process.  Mega OA journals may find the R-Scores useful in setting an initial reception rating to help readers filter a large body of content upon initial publication.  The R-Score could be the starting point for post-publication peer review, comments, and rating systems.  Irrespective of the journal type, Rubriq is a flexible (and free) tool that helps journals select the best content for their readers."


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