Mendeley User Analysis Shows Open Access Is Critical For Low-Income Countries 2012-11-01


Use the link to access the report described as follows: "The Mendeley collaboration company has published the Global Research Report (, an analysis of two million scholars' research activity in relation to economic indicators and research productivity.  The report details the extent to which a country's GDP per capita and R&D expenditure per capita limit its researchers' access to academic papers. Developing countries face considerable challenges - to afford an additional 50 research papers for each scientist would require a ten-fold increase in R&D expenditure per capita. The recent trend towards Open Access publishing helps researchers be able to understand and cite other works without onerous costs - and that  is a pathway towards true Open Publishing, where both access and publication are free of charge.  The Global Research Report also provides rankings on which countries, world regions, and universities are reading the most academic papers (using Mendeley) and spending the most time per day studying the literature (only countries with at least 1,000 Mendeley users were included).  On a global average, an academic's Mendeley research paper collection contains 142.8 documents. The top three world regions, countries, and research institutions by size of their Mendeley research paper collection are ..."


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