Open Harvester Systems webinar - providing cross-repository and journal access | EIFL 2012-11-01


Use the link to access the slide presentations and the webinar described in the following blog post: "Open Harvester Systems (OHS) is a free metadata indexing system developed by the Public Knowledge Project (also responsible for Open Journal Systems and Open Monograph Press). OHS allows you to create a searchable index of the metadata from Open Archives Initiative (OAI)-compliant archives, such as sites using Open Journal Systems (OJS) or Open Conference Systems (OCS). OHS includes the ability to harvest OAI metadata in a variety of schemas; flexible search interface that allows simple searching and advanced searching using crosswalked fields from all harvested archives; the ability to perform granular harvesting using setSpec and timestamps; and the ability to perform post-harvest and pre-indexing filtering/normalization on metadata... EIFL-FOSS and EIFL-OA co-organised a webinar coinciding with Open Access Week 2012. The topic focussed upon providing access across open access journals and open access repositories, with a particular focus on Open Harvester Systems (OHS) software...  [1] You can download Alec Smecher's slides here [2] You can download Oleksandr Novytskyi's slides here ... We experienced quite a lot of technical issues with the session, including with the recording, which kept stopping at intervals during the session. So you can access the recording here, but please be aware that sections are missing ..."


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