SHERPA/JULIET - News - Upgrade to SHERPA/JULIET Released 2012-12-16


"The Centre for Research Communications is pleased to announce the release of an upgrade to its SHERPA/JULIET service, the go-to database of research funders’ open access policies – SHERPA/JULIET now has grown to cover 110 funders ...  The increase in size has necessitated an upgrade to the JULIET website and the introduction of several new features, including: [1] Redesign of the look and feel of the website to match the JULIET’s partner service RoMEO – the database of publishers’ copyright and open access policies. [2] The introduction of a search interface, in addition to the existing 'browse' list. This allows you to search by funder’s name and country. In 'advanced mode', you can also search according to the funders’ policy requirements for open access publications, and the archiving of publications and data. [3] New statistical charts. While the current focus of JULIET is on the United Kingdom, we are extending coverage to the rest of the world. [4] A prototype Application Programmers’ Interface (API). [5] Lists of new additions and news stories.  JULIET is currently funded by JISC via UK RepositoryNet+ ("


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